Our training courses cover various DevSecOps tools, including products from Atlassian, Perforce, CloudBees, Smartbear, Mend, etc. We offer user training as well as specialized configuration and management training for administrators to ensure your teams can fully utilize these tools.

Atlassian Training

Atlassian Product Training Courses for Users

Unlock the full potential of Atlassian's powerful software solutions with our comprehensive user training programs. Whether you're new to Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Management, Fisheye, Crucible, or Bitbucket, our expert-led training courses will empower you to maximize your productivity and make the most out of these versatile tools.

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Jira Software User Training

Jira Service Management User Training

Confluence User Training

Fisheye User Training

Crucible User Training

Bitbucket User Training

Our user training programs are tailored to your specific needs. Our expert instructors bring real-world experience and best practices to each training session, ensuring that you gain practical skills and knowledge to excel in your role.

Enhance your proficiency in Atlassian products and drive your projects to success. Contact us today to explore how our training can empower you to achieve more with Atlassian's suite of tools.

Atlassian Product Training Courses for Administrator

Unlock the full potential of Atlassian's powerful software solutions with our specialized administrator training courses. Designed for administrators, these courses provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in managing and optimizing your Atlassian environment.

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Jira Software Administrator Training

Jira Service Management Administrator Training

Confluence Administrator Training

Our administrator training courses are led by experts certfied by Atlassian. You'll gain practical skills and best practices to ensure the smooth operation and optimization of your Atlassian environment.

Empower your administrators to efficiently manage and configure Atlassian products to meet your organization's specific needs. Contact us today to discuss how our training can elevate your Atlassian administration.

Atlassian Product Plugin Development Training

Besides the training for Atlassian products, we also offer training for plugin development and enable your team to develop new functions according to your business requirements. The trainings inlcude:

Perforce Helix Core Training

At Dragonsoft, we offer comprehensive Perforce training services tailored to your needs. Our training methods are flexible, including both remote and on-site options. We welcome participants of all sizes and provide extensive training materials to support your learning journey.

Our training courses can be customized in terms of content and duration to meet your specific requirements. Our team of seasoned consultants brings years of configuration management experience to the table, ensuring you receive the highest quality training.

In addition to covering the deployment and usage of the Perforce software itself, we provide valuable assistance in planning your version control and project branch management strategies. We also introduce you to common development management processes and help you swiftly establish DevOps-related toolchains.

Perforce Product Training Courses for Users

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Perforce Helix Core User Training

Perforce Product Training Courses for Administrators

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Perforce Helix Core Administrator Training

Perforce Helix Core Advanced Administrator Training

Our training programs are designed to empower both users and administrators with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize Perforce Helix Core. Whether you are new to the software or seeking advanced expertise, our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs.