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Atlassian, founded in 2002 in Sydney, Australia, is a company that specializes in designing and releasing enterprise software for software development and project management. Atlassian is renowned for its products, Jira for issue and project tracking, and Confluence for enterprise wiki and document collaboration. Both Jira and Confluence are widely recognized in the industry as outstanding tools for project management, development management, and enterprise-level knowledge management.

Perforce Software, established in 1995, is a leading provider of highly scalable development and DevOps solutions. Its primary products include version control tool Helix Core, lifecycle management tool Helix ALM, static testing tool Helix QAC, static code analysis tool Klocwork, and agile planning tool Hansoft. These products aim to provide dynamic development, intelligent testing, risk management, and seamless collaboration without boundaries.

CloudBees is the enterprise version of Jenkins, with its team contributing over 80% of the Jenkins codebase. CloudBees CI leverages continuous integration capabilities to drive innovation, providing security, governance, compliance, and auditability. It automates your Jenkins pipeline for more efficient and faster software delivery. As the enterprise edition of Jenkins, CloudBees offers functionalities that go beyond what Jenkins provides. These include a flexible architecture, centralized management of Jenkins instances, role-based access control, high availability, distributed team management, and analytics. It seamlessly integrates with other tools, making your CI flexible, manageable, and scalable, which is a trustworthy solution.

SmartBear's tools are designed to streamline your processes while seamlessly collaborating with your current and future toolsets. Its primary tools address a wide range of needs, including test automation, API lifecycle, collaboration, performance testing, test management, and more. These tools cover the software development lifecycle, enhancing the quality and speed of software releases.

Mend, formerly known as WhiteSource, was founded in 2011 and has been a pioneer in the Software Composition Analysis (SCA) market. Mend helps you stay in tune with the heartbeat of open-source components, protecting you from vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle and enforcing license policies. Ultimately, it enables faster and smoother development without compromising on security. WhiteSource has officially rebranded as Mend. The company has expanded its proprietary auto-remediation feature beyond open-source code, offering the industry's first auto-remediation for custom code security issues within the Mend Application Security Platform, all while maintaining a focus on security.

Adaptavist provides enterprise software, professional solutions, and high-quality services within the world's most trusted technology ecosystems, including Atlassian, AWS, Slack, Cloudbees, and Gitlab.

ConnectALL boasts a leading Value Stream Management platform, enabling the transformation of software delivery to provide customers with the desired digital experience while helping businesses become more predictable, agile, and traceable. ConnectALL's solutions and services allow you to ensure alignment between digital plans and business outcomes, ultimately increasing the speed of delivering valuable software.

TestRail is a comprehensive web-based test case management tool used by leading development teams in the Fortune 500. It enables users to efficiently manage, track, and organize software testing efforts, enhancing testing efficiency and improving the speed and reliability of software development. TestRail provides software testing professionals with the most efficient and user-friendly tools.

Xray is a market-leading test management solution designed for Jira users, providing an intuitive and comprehensive testing management experience that can be customized to meet specific QA requirements. As companies of various industries adopt DevOps methodologies, Xray serves as a tool through its scalable test management platform to facilitate agile transformations for them.

miniOrange possesses expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM), Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Network Security, API Security, and Network Forensics. Leveraging their technical proficiency, they create unique and effective solutions tailored to industry needs and challenges. This enables businesses to securely manage access to all their web-based applications in one centralized location.