Customer Story | BAE Systems used SonarQube for Code Cleaning and saw a return on their investment > 6 Months

“SonarQube can help us with compliance, and is an easy-to-use tool for analysis.”


-Karina Hernandez, IT/System Administrator


This case study of BAE Systems is based on a March 2023 survey of Sonar customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Company Profile

Company: BAE Systems

Company Size: Large Enterprise

Industry: Aerospace & Defense


What is the top reason you chose Sonar?

  • Establish organization-wide Clean Code standards for our codebase
  • Organizational code quality and security initiative

Use Case

Which capabilities of SonarQube are most useful for your organization?

  • Branch Analysis and Pull Request decoration
  • Quality Gates to support the Clean as You Code methodology
  • In-context guidance & best practices to address issues
  • Portfolios and executive reporting
  • Comprehensive security reports


Confirmed that running SonarQube sometimes helps them to find and fix issues in their code without leaving their development workflow.


They plan to prioritize Clean Code in their organizational goals already in progress.


Confirmed that they always practice Clean as You Code with recommended Quality Gates on new code.


They strongly agree that Sonar is above the competition as the best solution for Clean Code.


Please rate the following Sonar capabilities compared to the competition:

  • Speed of analysis: Best-in-class
  • Detecting issues (bugs, vulnerabilities, hotspots, etc.): Best-in-class
  • Contextual guidance in the development workflow: Best-in-class
  • Support for languages, frameworks, and infrastructure technologies: Best-in-class
  • Administration of code quality standards using quality gates: Best-in-class


Confirmed that after purchasing Sonar, they saw a return on their investment > 6 Months.

They strongly agree that Sonar enables organizations to achieve their Clean Code goals predictably and systematically.


Confirmed that since implementing Sonar into their development workflow, they have saved more than 15 hours per week on average, addressing bad code.


When implementing Clean as You Code at your organization, what is the greatest impact it’s had?

  • “That it has allowed us to focus our effort on making sure new code is clean instead of addressing technical debt.”
  • The ability to standardize code quality expectations across the organization
  • The reinforcement of coding best practices