What is Jira Software

What is Jira Software?

Jira Software is a project management tool developed by Atlassian. It offers a high degree of customization and facilitates the management of various aspects of a project, including bug tracking, task management, time tracking, progress tracking, and scheduling. It allows for the comprehensive management of an entire project. You can also unify the tracking of progress and tasks across multiple projects.

Jira Software is an amalgamation of the older Jira and Jira Agile, making it an agile development tool that is easy to use, even for newcomers to agile development. Through the use of Scrum boards and Kanban boards, Jira Software makes it convenient to visualize and manage team tasks.

All from a single source of truth


Break the big ideas down into manageable chunks across teams with user stories, issues, and tasks.


Prioritize and discuss your team’s work in context with complete visibility at every level. Track it from idea to reality.


Ship faster, with confidence knowing the information you have is always up-to-date.


Improve team performance in context, based on real-time, visual data.


Save time, keep your team focused, and help work flow with no-code automation.


As a global Platinum Partner and Cloud Specialized Partner of Atlassian, Dragonsoft provides comprehensive services for Atlassian products including Jira. Our one-stop solution includes consulting, implementation, training, operations, and custom development, enabling your enterprise to overcome DevSecOps challenges and accelerate the development process with the right tools and best practises.

Technical Support

An Atlassian-Certified Technical Support Team

We have 2 Atlassian Certified Experts and 21 Atlassian ACP-certified individuals.

Atlassian Cloud Specialized

As the first Atlassian partner in Greater China region to achieve Cloud Specialized certification, our extensive knowledge, rich experience, and consistently high-quality services in cloud is recoginized by Atlassian.

We're Here When You Need Us

We provide daily technical support services for Atlassian products and plugins, offering 24x7 or 8x5 support tailored to your requirements.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

We deeply understand user needs and develop our own products to meet the diverse demands of enterprises.

DevSecOps Consulting

As a global Platinum Partner of Atlassian, Dragonsoft combines the principles of DevSecOps and Agile management with your actual business processes and Atlassian tools to address various challenges and issues encountered during development by your team.

We specialize in delivering Jira integration solutions tailored to your existing toolset. As a leading DevSecOps solution provider, we seamlessly integrate globally recognized tools, customizing DevSecOps solutions to meet your unique needs. Our offerings include best practice references, enabling teams to swiftly implement DevSecOps practices and Agile management principles. By seamlessly integrating tools like Jira into your development and operational workflows, we empower your team to efficiently create value.

Implementation and Deployment

We offer high-quality, professional Jira implementation services, including installation, deployment, configuration, upgrades, migrations, and performance optimization, enhancing users' experience with the product. We can provide on-site or remote implementation services based on your requests.

Jira apps developed by Dragonsoft

Drawing from our experiences and in response to customer demands, we've crafted a suite of applications to enhance Jira for your team. This includes Timewise, Workflowwise, Orgwise, Watermark, and more, designed to seamlessly integrate with your workflow and elevate your Jira experience.

Custom Development

When standard Jira features cannot meet your requirements, we provide tailor-made development solutions for you, including code development, execution processes, installation guides, and operational support services.

Professional Jira Training

  • We employ an interactive training approach that includes training tutorials and rich case studies to help you quickly grasp Jira usage techniques and best practices.
  • Training methods are flexible, with options for remote and on-site training, and there are no limits on the number of participants.
  • Training content and duration are customized to meet your specific needs, including Jira plugin development training and Scriptrunner plugin training.
  • Jira Software User Training: Covers a quick introduction to Jira Software, including task management (creating tasks, splitting sub-tasks, task scheduling, version management, task linking, task sharing, etc.), agile board usage, task retrieval, report management, and personalized dynamic dashboard design.
  • Jira Software Administrator Training: Covers Jira Software product installation, data backup and recovery, user management, global configuration management, plugin management, and Jira project configuration implementation, including the design and configuration of project issue types, workflows, project roles, fields, permissions, notifications, interfaces, and more.

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