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A professional Jira add-on for project and team in Time & Cost Tracking, seamlessly integrated with Jira, which can easily plan, log, and count working hours, as well as cost.

TimeWise 6.0.0: Best Practice in Performance

As we all know, the performance of big data processing is crucial for enterprise applications, and how to safely, stably, and efficiently solve business problems for enterprises has always been the goal of our product.

Following the previous performance improvement of "TimeSheet", TimeWise recently have released a great version 6.0.0 aimed at improving the performance of "Report". In the big data environment, by automatically enabling threads, pagination, and lazy loading, it completely solved the problems of slow data query and loading, page rendering data lag. At the same time, it added a lot of targeted data caching, which not only reduced the frequency of data retrieval, but also decoupled some core business logic. Especially slicing the large data volumes and data upper limit warning, it ensures performance while greatly reducing memory consumption and avoiding potential Jira crash risks.

Query Speed

Export Speed

Jira Crash

Data comes from the comparison Testing with TimeWise 5.2.0
Test environment: 6,057 users, 2,010 Project, 263,822 issues, 1,082,873 logs

Query and Statistics of Big-data Worklogs

Filter, search and analyze big-data worklogs with drill-across dimensions and multi-hierarchies.
For millions of worklogs, the query only takes less than 1 minute!

Easily view the worklogs of team members to see which project issue they spent their time, and understand whether human resources are utilized to the fullest.

Support work log queries based on dimensions such as version, epic, component, custom field, etc.

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Export all worklogs at once

Big-data worklogs can be exported at once, supporting export to Excel or CSV files.

You can organize data in Report and export it all at once, without the need for repeated operations, making it easy and time-saving!

Worklogs details can be exported to the local at once, making it convenient for data processing.

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Compare to other apps

A performance comparison test was conducted with a well-known timesheet app in the same Jira big-data environment.

Test environment parameters

  • Jira version: 8.13.1
  • Database type: postgres72
  • Database version: 9.6.22
  • Operating system: Linux 3.10.0-1160.31.1. el7.x86_ 64
  • Total memory: 7918 MB
  • user: 38,265
  • issue: 154,697
  • project: 334
  • Worklog: 1,148,598
  • TimeWise version: 6.0.0
  • Another app version: 16.0.0

TimeWise performs significantly better than another app in querying and exporting big-data worklogs. When processing big data, data can be loaded step by step in TimeWise, while in another app, the loading is very slow and may meet a browser crash.

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What can TimeWise do for you?

Easy Time Tracking

  • A simple and customizable way to log work on Jira, and the cross-project calendar allows you to easily manage your personal or team works;
  • In addition to logs, you can also make work plans and understand whether your resources are utilized to the fullest extent;
  • Public holiday settings and personal vacation records make a customizable calendar for you.

Effective Cost Control

By customizing hourly standard costs for Jira users, it can generate cost reports for projects, versions, epics, and components. An alert is automatically triggered when there is a risk of exceeding the estimation.

Powerful Time Report

Support search by various system fields and custom fields, support custom X-axis and Y-axis, and Support various working hours application scenarios. The powerful report function allows you to easily generate various time reports, as well as export, share, send, or scheduled send the reports.

Flexible Custom Settings

E.g. customize worklog types for classification and statistics, enable worklog approval, set daily worklog hour limit, prohibit log work under some issue types and dates, quickly convert “hour” to “day”, etc.. It can meet diverse scenarios and achieve precise project/team time management.

About DragonSoft

We are a trusted DevOps solution provider with rich practical experience, providing software development lifecycle management solutions, as well as system implementation, training, upgrading, data migration, customized development, operation and maintenance services. In addition to representing many leading tools in the fields of DevOps and Agile management, we have also self-developed a series of add-ons for Jira and Confluence to empower teams worldwide.

What can TimeWise do for you?

Watermark for Confluence/Jira

The No.1 watermark add-on in the marketplace. Add watermark to Confluence and Jira pages, export watermarked file, protect the copyright and increase the security of documents.

WorkflowWise - Parallel Approval and Workflow Extension

Approve in parallel for multiple users and customize workflow by condition, validator, post-function. Easy and quick without code.

Page and Attachment Security Enhancer for Confluence

Limit the download, upload, search and preview of attachments, track attachment download history, and extend more permissions for space&page.

Date Reminder for Confluence

Reminders for Confluence page, table and task via Slack, email and WeCom, so you will never miss anything important!